As a woman in technology

Women are interested in practical technology. I have been trying to apply this thought in the E-girls project in which we developed a web course for the senior secondary school students called Electricity, electronics and environment.
Early in my career I was the only female professor at Tampere University of Technology for several years. Today there are a number of women working at the university, but women are still a minority. I grew interested in the issue of women and technology, when I was asked to make a speech at the 108. anniversary of Technical Society of Tampere in 2001. I even wrote a few articles based on the speech, but then left the subject for a while.

In January 2004 I was arranging a joint seminar on the subject of ‘What are women needed for in technology?’ for the Tampere University of Technology and Technical Society of Tampere. I also gave a presentation about the subject “A woman’s view on technology”. At about the same time I started my first equality project, E-girls – Towards technology, which was concluded at the end of 2006. In addition to promoting equality I also try to utilize my knowledge of other fields in the equality projects. For instance, my interest in e-learning brought it to the E-girls- Towards technology project as well.  

In my website’s archive you will find a link to the website of the already finished E-girls- Towards technology project. For detailed information about my writings on the subject, see Publications.