Interdisciplinary research under the traditions of two sciences

I do interdisciplinary research, applying the research traditions of both medical and technical sciences. My main expertise lies at exposure to electromagnetic fields, assessment of health effects caused by the exposure, and reducing this exposure.

Doing research is always interesting. You learn new things all the time and you can get new insights. I started my research while still a student. My first studies were my diploma work about developing the distribution of electric power and the automation of street, and my advanced studies in medical science on the subject of ‘Developing a method for workplace report in a university community for the purpose of occupational health care’.

Voimajohtoa VaasassaI learned the traditions of medical research when I was preparing my doctoral thesis for the faculty of medicine. I am still applying what I learned at that time. I wrote my doctoral thesis about computer-aided decicion-making for epilepsy and sleep diagnostics. I developed computer programs to alleviate decision making. I have been applying the same principles when developing various materials for the net. My interest in E-learning is just a natural continuation of that. Later I got a docent in medical technology at the University of Tampere.

I have been studying the physiological effects of low frequency electric and magnetic fields. I finished my doctorate on the same subject.

While holding the posts at TTY and having a one year professorship at the University of Vaasa, I have been doing research based on my doctoral theses. Several of my projects have dealt with exposure to electromagnetic fields, reducing the exposure, and its potential health effects. I have also contributed to projects concerning electrical economics, disturbances and harmonic waves in electric networks.

Have a look at my publications for further information about my previous projects. You will find the information in ‘Publications’ on my website.

At present there are ongoing projects concerning health effects of the electromagnetic fields, development of web materials and occupational mental health and safety, with particular focus on peer groups.

Health effects of electric and magnetic fields

Concerning the above theme, I am currently heading a project called Evaluating the current density induced to people by electric and magnetic fields at Tampere University of Technology.

The archive of this website functions as a material bank about my former research, particularly projects concerning electric and magnetic fields.