Working at the university

I have been working at the university for several years, coming up with new courses almost every year. I reshape my instruction constantly through, for example, virtual courses. My latest virtual course, Electricity, electronics and environment was designed for girls in senior secondary schools with a goal of inspiring girls to strive for jobs within technology.

My actual teaching career began in 1993, when I started as associate professor at the Power Engineering Institute at Tampere University of Technology (from January 1 1997: Electric Power Engineering). Later, I was appointed to this position.

In 1998 I was nominated professor in this field. From this on my instruction focused more closely on environmental issues.

In 2001 the research field of my professorship was modified. I moved on to work as the head of the Laboratory for Electric Engineering and Health. that had been established under the Institute of Electronics. This brought to my instruction, for instance, electronics related environmental and health issues. The laboratory became independent later.

In 2006-2007 I held the professorship in the Department of Electrical engineering and Automation at the University of Vaasa. For example, I gave instruction in the fundamentals of energy technology and finance as well as measuring techniques.

I have also done a lot to reshape instructional practices. My publications include examples of e-learning, innovations for doing laboratory work (e.g. programmable logics) instruction via games (a game in electrical economy) and problem-based learning.

In the E-girls project I developed a virtual course for senior secondary school students which is called Electricity, electronics and environment. The goal is to help girls seek their way to the field of technology.

I have published several instructional booklets and given several lectures in different seminars and continuing education occasions. The archive on this website holds some of my presentations in digital form as well as some web material mainly for the purpose of self-study.

For further information on my courses at Tampere University of Technology, see the TUT website and study guides.

Since 2013 I have been working at Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering in research group of Environmental Health.